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Interested persons, licensees and municipalities are invited to comment on the draft registration rules and the registration process and must submit these comments to NERSA within 30 days. Written comments on the draft rules for registrations of small scale embedded generation can be forwarded to The closing date for the submission of comments is 31 May 2018 at 16:00.

Kindly also provide the name, address, telephone number; fax number and e-mail address of the person or organisation submitting the comments. Comments received after the closing date will not be considered.

Text provided below have been re-typed for internal purposes. Although the text below is considered to be a true and accurate version of the original document, should you prefer having a copy of the original document, Download Rules for Registration of Small scale embedded generation.

Objects of the Rules

  1. The objective of these rules are to create a regulatory environment to register, and effectively control, monitor and enforce the economic regulation of electricity provision with regards to the objective of the electricity regulation act to:
    1. Achieve the effective, efficient, sustainable and orderly development and operation for the electricity infrastructure in South Africa;
    2. Facilitate universal access to electricity;
    3. Ensure an affordable and sustainable electricity industry;
    4. Promote the use of diverse energy sources and energy efficiency
    5. Facilitate a fair balance between the interests of the customer and end users;
    6. Promote competitiveness and customer end use choice;
    7. Improve regulatory predictability

Purpose of the rules

  1. These rules are aimed at creating the orderly management and treatment of small scale embedded generation.

Application of the Rules

These rules shall, unless otherwise provided apply to all small-scale embedded generator as specified by clauses 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 of the department of energy’s licensing exemption and registration notice.

Generation facilities that are eligible for registration

  1. The following facilities are eligible for registration
    1. Generation facility with an installed capacity of no more than 1MW that is not connected to the grid in circumstances specified in the notice;
    2. Generation facility with an installed capacity of no more than 1MW that is connected to the grid in circumstances specified in the notice;
    3. Generation facility for own use with an installed capacity of no more than 1MW that is not connected to the grid in circumstances specified in the notice;
    4. Generation facility used for demonstration purposes only in circumstances specified in the notice;
    5. Co-generation in circumstances specified in the notice.

Application requirements

  1. No customer with a PV plant may connect to the distribution system of the municipality without:
    • Submitting an application for registration to NERSA with the following minimum information.
      • The description of the applicant,
      • Description of the proposed SSEG generation technology
      • Approval by the licensed distributor having control, compliance and decision over the SSEG generation facility
      • Continued ability to comply with all applicable laws, regulation, codes and or standards,
      • Where applicable the duration of the connection and
      • Certification by competent authority/person, certificate of compliance
  1. Receiving a quotation after application from the distributor, paying the required connection charge/fess and signing the required connection and use of system agreement and the supply agreement; and
  2. Ensuring that the connection and the equipment used it certified to comply with all required technical standard and in compliance with all laws.
  • Upon receiving the application and conclusion of the customer connection and the use of system agreement with the distributor, the distributor will send the information to the energy regulator for registration in a prescribed form and or registration system.

Reporting on SSEG installations

  1. The distributor shall provide to the customer non-discriminatory access to its distribution system, except if there are objectively justifiable and identifiable grounds that prevent such access.
  2. The distributor shall ensure that the connection to the distribution system by the customer complies with the license conditions of the distributor, the grid code and the national requirements and specifications.
  3. Should the customer want to increase the supply to above 1MW, the distributor will redirect the customer to apply to NERSA for a generation license, provided that the distributor agrees with the applicants request to increase the supply and exemption has been granted by the department of energy.
  4. These rules do not apply to installations greater than 1MW.

Registration requirements

  1. The distributor shall follow the registration process as outlined in Annexure B.
  2. Once the application to connect has been approved, the distributor will be required to provide to the energy regulator with information of such connection on a quarterly basis on the required template.
  3. The distributor shall together with the submission of the Registration Form, report the following parameters of an SSEG according to clauses 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 of the department of energy’s licensing exemption and registration notice
    • ID of installation
    • Generator technology
    • Type of installation
    • Newly built capacity or capacity extension of the system
    • License exemption classification
    • Connection agreement
    • Date of commissioning
    • Tariff applicable
    • Installed capacity: kW at grid connection point
    • Installed module capacity (PV Only): kWp of installed modules
    • Location of the SSEG system (street name, house number, city, postal code, GPS co-ordinates)
    • Whether the system includes storage, type of storage, storage capacity, storage for grid tied operation
    • And any other information that might be required by NERSA.


  1. These rules do not apply to any installation other than those detailed under clauses 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 of the department of energy’s licensing exemption and registration notice.

Chapter 6

Liability of the SSEG Generator

  1. Save to where the liability has been apportioned to a specific person, the customer shall be liable for any injury or damage caused or suffered by any person due to the operation of the generation facility.

Short title and commencement

These Rules are called the Rules for the Registration of Small Scale Embedded Generation and shall come into operation on the date of publication. These rules will be revised from time to time and will be updated accordingly.

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