P4 supports PV contractors

The African continent is unique in the types of challenges faced during PV and construction related projects. Due to the continued growth and unique challenges of the PV sector in Africa; PQRS developed a quality assurance program called the “P4 platform“.

P4 is short for PQRS PV Performer Program. This P4 platform allocates a score to contractors involved with PV installations based on their activities in the sector and measures risk using a complex matrix. Passing the online PV test and agreeing to the terms and conditions only fulfill two requirements of the platform. A contractor’s true performance can only really be measured by making use of a P4 Performance certificate (show me an example of a P4 performance certificate).

PV contractors that have managed to pass the test, and agreed to the terms and conditions will appear on this page.

P4 – South Africa

P4 contractors displayed alphabetically

The PV contractor holding the highest online test score.

Solar contractors should be recognized for their commitment, perseverance and dedication. In recognition of achievement and continued growth, Green Energy Solutions have managed to achieve the highest score in our online PV test.

Through the years, GES have adapted their installations to the most recent standards and are respected by their clients for honest and transparent advice.

The paragraph above is not sponsored and is information that was shared by one of GES’ clients. Information displayed below is a current indicator of the GES project portfolio. (May 2017)

Fact File:

  • Company name: Green energy solutions
  • Contact name: Johann Fritz
  • Test score: 89,3%
  • Test completed, in time: 13 minutes 35 seconds
  • Number of installations completed: 29
  • Countries where installations have been completed: 26 x South Africa, 3 x Zambia
  • Provinces where GES is active: Apart from 3 systems in Zambia, all other systems were installed in Gauteng Province
  • Generation capacity of all installations combined: 219kWp
  • Different inverter brand names installed: Victron, SMA, Solaredge, Schneider
  • Different module brands installed: Canadian, Trina, JA Solar, IBC
  • Installation growth trends over time: