2 day Solar PV design and installer course

This session is aimed at contractors, engineers and individuals that have an interest in doing solar PV installations and or system design. Gain a better understanding of PV modules as a power generation technology. Introduction to various types of inverter technologies. We also cover the latest standards, requirements and best practice for PV installations.

Why attend our courses? We are one of the only organisations in South Africa that offer training without being a supplier of a certain brand of equipment thereby offering training that is unbiased. We know who does what, where it is being used and why certain products have preference in specific regions. This places PQRS in a unique position to offer neutral advice and showcase the solar PV sector during our training sessions.

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The following content is covered during the two day course.

  1. Introduction
    1. What is happening locally with PV installations
    2. Local installation statistics
  2. Irradiation
    1. The sun as resource and the solar constant
    2. Sun hours per day
    3. Efficiency comparison PV vs Solar Water Heating
  3. PV Technology
    1. Performance growth and development of PV since the 1950’s
    2. Manufacturing processes
    3. Which technologies are available locally? Thin film, Mono & Poly crystalline
    4. Series and parallel configuration
    5. Fuse calculation
    6. Effect of temperature on solar PV
  4. Cable calculations
    1. Volt drop
  5. Earthing & SPD’s
    1. SPD, LPD’s & Earthing
  6. Inverters
    1. Micro, String, Hybrid, Off-grid and bi-directional chargers
  7. Mounting structures
  8. Batteries
    1. Charging and discharging
    2. Fuses or circuit breakers
    3. Prospective Short Circuit Current in batteries
    4. Insulating battery banks
    5. Sizing busbars
    6. Off-Grid systems (basic system architecture) and calculation of a battery bank
  9. Fuses vs circuit breakers in DC circuits
  10. Balance of System
    1. Solar cable
    2. MC4 couplers and terminations
  11. Standards
    1. SABS & IEC
  12. When PV goes wrong – avoid making these mistakes

As part of a short practical we do the following tests on PV modules during the 2 day course

  1. Irradiation test using a Metrel A1378, Seaward Solar irradiation tester or a similar type tester.
  2. Impact of temperature on module voltage
  3. Impact of temperature on module current
  4. Impact of cell temperature during shading of cells
  5. DC Arc test with voltages as high as 100 – 200VDC

2 day Solar PV ultimate sales course

During this informative two day session, candidates will be given

  • Sufficient technical information in order to be an informed sales rep.
  • An overview of the solar PV market
  • What the different sectors are and how they differ
  • A breakdown of the various markets and the types of PV systems used in them
  • How to win more tenders
  • What the different business models within industry looks like
  • Identify opportunities to increase sales

A brief breakdown of the program for the sales training is given below

Day 1 Technical information for sales personnel

  • Principles
    • Understand basic PV principles
    • Understand the basic technical terminology
    • Navigate your way through technical jargon
  • Products
    • Know which different types of products are available in the market
    • Compare different technologies
  • Installers
    • What to look for in; and where to find installers
  • Your next big project
    • The process from project proposal to completion across different sized projects
  • Risk
    • Identifying and Managing risk in PV installations
    • Safeguard your business by avoiding these pitfalls

Day 2 – Learn which parameters are critical when selling PV systems

  • The PV industry
    • Understand the different drivers in the PV market
    • Understand the different sectors and regions
  • Regulation and standards
    • Do an overview of the current standards and regulatory environment
    • Understand what the local electricity supplier is doing (Eskom / municipality)
  • Design
    • What to look for on site
    • Where to look for someone to assist in designing
    • Tools to assist with PV design
  • Costing
    • How to cost a solar PV system
    • How to tender
  • Installation and commissioning
    • A look at the paperwork required for handing over a site
    • Handing over a site
    • Service level agreements and maintenance
  • Opportunities in the PV sector
  • Up-selling
    • Solar Water heating
    • LED lighting
    • Under floor heating

As part of the course candidates attending will be receiving

  1. Detailed excel spreadsheet that can be used as a bill of materials
  2. Complete simulation document for a 5kWp grid tied installation
  3. Complete simulation document for a 20kWp grid tied installation
  4. Line diagram for a 3kWp grid tied installation.
  5. Test certificate for a completed installation

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