South Africa is on the verge where solar PV is fast becoming a mainstream and or general power generation technology.

Naturally not all brands will have the same application, support and or after sales service. The table below provides the available brands of batteries as well as providing some information on the support and local content. As the industry is extremely dynamic, information could change frequently and therefor where information reflected does not seem accurate, readers are welcome to provide updated information through the “contact us” page.

We do not provide, supply or install batteries. The list is made available for statistical reasons as well as for purposes of general information.

  • Company name – The name of the supplier
  • Battery Brand – Would define the brand name of the inverter and not the name of the local supplier.
  • Support – Answers the question – “is the product manufactured locally?”. Products being supplied might also be managed by a distributor or agent, therefore being no need for a formal office locally. In cases where the agent or distributors act on behalf of the manufacturer, it might be possible that extended periods could be experienced for servicing and replacement of faulty units; as local expertise, and or replacement parts might be limited for the product in question. “n/a” would therefor indicate that it is not certain whether the product range would be supported by a local office, technical support or swap-out stock in the event of product failure.
  • Types avail. – Column indicates the different types of batteries being supplied by the organisation.
  • Contact details have also been included in the table in the last two columns.
Company nameBattery BrandsSupportTypes avail.Contact nrWebsite
Dixon Premium BatteriesDixonManufacturerFLA, AGM+27 (0)16 455
Metac SA (Pty) LtdEcoPowerDistibutor/ImporterGel+27 (0)10 020
SolarMDMypower24 3kDistributor/ImporterLiFePo4+27 (0)87 820
FreedomLiteFreedomwonSupplier/WholesalerLiFePo4+27 (0)82 256

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