This page contains the following information:

  1. Tools to assist in calculating DC fuse configuration (see link below).
  2. A List of suppliers where fuses can be sourced locally

String fuses need to be included as part of the system architecture in order to protect conductors and modules in the event of fault conditions.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered with the calculation of fuse sizes. In a single series string the maximum short circuit current during a fault condition would be very close to the value indicated on the panel specifications. Once strings or modules are connected in parallel it complicates design criteria due to the fact that fault currents increase on parallel strings.

The solar PV string considerations article has been re-written with additional information added to the content. For the full article please proceed to see the various parameters that should be considered when sizing fuses for PV installations, alternatively take a look at the table below in order to find a solar fuse supplier locally.

Locally DC fuses can be obtained from the following suppliers.

SupplierFuse BrandLink to site
RubiconEaton BussmannRubicon SA
ACDC DynamicsGaveACDC Dynamics
Various Victron Energy DistributorsVictron EnergyVictron Energy
Electromechanicadf ElectricElectromechanica
Electrahertzdf ElectricElectrahertz
Green BuiltEaton BussmanGBES
Siba FusesSibaSiba




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