The most comprehensive and up to date list of privately owned PV installations in SA contains more than 250 solar installations producing a total 27656kWp or 27MWp; the equivalent of a utility scale PV power station. More than 45 listed contractors. The table above shows the top 40 contributors to the list along with each organizations’ total listed installations indicated in kWp.

Currently the largest listed rooftop solar system is the Black River Park system, this system is soon to be moved to second place when another massive 1,8MW rooftop system is commissioned. The details of the 1,8MW system may not yet be made public and will be included in one of our posts as soon as permission has been granted.

Despite the fact that the economic hub is in Gauteng, the Western Cape is leading the solar-pv-installation-race with the most installed & listed privately owned pv system capacity at 10212kWp followed by Gauteng at 8196kWp; KZN comes in at third place with 3241kWp.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 3.52.35 PM

It should be noted that systems and information used in the table above, were sourced from the list at the link provided below and was last updated on the 20th Feb 2015. Contractors who have not yet made the required information available; has not been included in the projected figures. The table containing the information can be searched, scrolled and sorted in order to provide information that can be tailored to the readers’ requirements. Companies involved in solar PV installations are invited to share the information on installations in order to create a realistic perspective of the actual number of PV installations being commissioned locally.

The full list of systems can be seen at the following link…..


    1. Author

      Hi Kade

      We will gladly update your installations and need the following information per system. The more info / data we have, the better.
      Province where installed: (e.g, GP, WC, NC, LP, etc)
      Your project name: (e.g. Fourie Smit)
      Application: Residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, Medical, Mining
      Size of installation: in kWp
      Date commissioned: month and year is sufficient e.g. mar 2015
      Type: Grid tied / Off Grid or Hybrid
      Contractor details: Would be Solsquare
      Installer details: Might be Solsquare
      Inverter used: Brand of inverter
      Modules used: Brand of modules
      Mounting structure used: Brand
      Batteries used: Where there is storage; brand of battery
      Battery storage: Battery bank size: e.g. 12 x 200Ah
      Physical address: optional
      Co-ordinates: optional

      Physical address and co-ordinates will be used on a google type map

  1. Please can you add on to the Solar Con installed capacity an extra 345kW PV plant for the Department of Environmental Affairs in Pretoria. This project was completed by March 2015. If required documentation can be supplied.

    Your support is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Dieter Dilchert
    PV Consultant and Project Manager

    1. Author

      Hi Dieter. Thank you for the contribution and support. That installation pushed up the total generated capacity to 54114kW.
      Could you let me know which brand of inverters, modules and roofing structure was used in the installation.

  2. Hi Carel,

    For the installation we used;
    ABB PVS 300 string inverters
    350w Sun Power Hybrid modules (panels)
    Schletter rooftop freestanding Windsave structure

    Thanks for you co-operation and support.

    Best regards,
    Dieter Dilchert
    PV Consultant and Project Manager

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