Eskom application form for small or micro-generator connection at LV

The form attached to this post, is a draft version and has been circulated for comment or feedback from industry.

Distribution and or circulation of an application form for solar PV installations is long overdue. So use the form as the basis of information that may be required when grid tied PV systems are being done.

Information relevant to the various installations may have to be provided in retrospect.

So; do the grid tied PV installation along with the standard notification to the local council of the PV system, and be sure to keep record of your installations as further information of the installation may be required once all documentation have been completed and approved.

Kindly note that does not in any way claim to provide the means necessary for a legal and or compliant solar installation whether being grid tied, off-grid or hybrid or any other form of renewable energy installation. The contractor needs to familiarise themselves with the respective rules, regulations and standards that would guide the quality and legality of the installation for the respective region.

Eskom application form for grid tied PV system installation.


  1. What qualifications do I need to be able to issue COC’s for Solar installations.And do you present a course for such a qaulification

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