How to Use the MC4 Crimper – Solar PV Installer Guidelines

Solar PV Installation Training Video Series – MC4 Crimper Installer Guideline

If you think an MC4 coupler seems like such a straight forward component to use, think again. After having watched the video, you will know that it might not be. We have made the Solar PV Installation Training Videos available to assist installers with the finer art in solar PV installation.

This solar PV Installer Guideline video series will assist in making sure that your solar installation passes certification, warranty conditions and safety requirements. By subscribing to our newsletters, you will receive more useful links, access to videos and course updates.

Most solar modules are designed to last 25-30 years. The expected design life can be reduced significantly by not using the right couplers or by cross mating coupler brands. Not using the right type of crimper or conductor will also affect the warranty of MC4 couplers.

You can learn how to crimp the right way and do that in under 60 seconds by watching this video.

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