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We are serious about quality. The P4 quality assurance mechanism for the solar PV industry measures three aspects being knowledge, experience and customer satisfaction. These metrics are closely monitored through client interaction, theoretical knowledge tests, practical experience, an agreement on standards and transparency.
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The P4 platform for the solar PV industry, measures service, knowledge and experience. This platform measures and compares contractor performance regardless of the size of systems being installed or the capacity of the contractor.

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Stay ahead in the race by continuously improving your knowledge! Our exceptional 2 day CPD accredited PV courses as well as tailored in-house courses are available for bookings both online or in a classroom as face-to-face courses.


Register for our popular 2 day solar PV courses regardless of your level of experience. Sharpen your knowledge and grow your business.

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Set yourself apart from other contractors and deliver service and expertise above expectation. Show your customers that you are serious about the technology and that you know you are a solar specialist.

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Interested in signing-off solar PV systems? Solar systems fall under the Electrical Installation Regulations and this means you have to be registered with the Dept. of Labour as a qualified electrician or registered person.

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This document acts as a guide to help new installers find their way to doing compliant safe and legal installations.

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