Solar PV Courses

Welcome to the solar PV Courses page

Our courses cover the needs of local installers, engineers and organisations interested in becoming involved in the solar PV sector. It may even cover the needs of established EPC's and experienced installers. Not sure if you need to attend a course? Why not try our free online PV test.

Whether you are an engineer, electrician, plumber or estate agent, our range of courses will be able to provide the required information you need on sizing, designing and the outlook of solar PV in your region.

  1. Solar PV Express is a short 1 day solar PV design and install course. The training material contains enough information to build your knowledge base and provide the basic information you need to size and design one of SA's most popular inverters.
  2. Solar PV Excite is for the small business owner  interested in experimenting in the sector and covers very small systems both grid-tied and off-grid.
  3. Solar PV Excel has a more commercial focus and looks at the design principles of larger residential and commercial solar PV systems.