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PQRS directory

PQRS directory is a service which lists installation data of solar PV sites, contractors, events, training and other information which may be useful to the PV sector. The website is available in the public domain and this means
that all information provided on this platform becomes available to other viewers which make use of PQRS services and/or platforms. This is similar to other social media sites or platforms where information is posted and shared.
that it will display information as is currently available to PQRS or otherwise obtainable through other social media platforms, websites or publicly available sources.

By publishing information on this platform, you agree that all information as provided may be displayed on the directory platform.
By posting information you agree that you are authorised to do so.

Formal qualification

Passing the test does not grant any credit towards a formal qualification and it is not the intention of PQRS to register the test or course materials against unit standards or to convert any part of the material into a formal qualification. Formal qualifications however may form part of the future requirements in order to participate in the PQRS quality assurance mechanism/platform and this may be limited to certain countries or regions.

New Projects, career advancement and job opportunities

It is expressly agreed that PQRS cannot be held liable for incurring revenue losses due to test results, as PQRS does not

  1. Grant or decline projects
  2. Guarantee career advancement
  3. Provide or guarantee employment to candidates that have passed the test.
  4. Warrant or guarantee any increase in job opportunities or prospects of candidates passing the test to become eligible for certain positions of employment
  5. Guarantee that candidates that have passed will receive any job offers;

as a result of the test, platform or services offered by PQRS.


Please see out privacy policy as displayed on the following page

Form of communication

It is agreed that e-mail is an acceptable method of communication. A candidate will be given 24hours to respond, accepting or declining such a request. Should no response be received, it would be accepted that the candidate has approved the issuing and circulation on the basis that there was no objection.

Updates to Terms and Conditions

PQRS retains the right to amend add, improve, remove, adjust or change the platform, adjust or change questions and answers and add or remove content as may be required from time to time and retains the right to amend Terms and Conditions.
When notices of changes are circulated, it is agreed that PQRS can use e-mail as a means of communication even though delivery by e-mail may not be a guaranteed means of ensuring that recipients did in fact receive the notice of changes and amendments made to the terms and conditions. PQRS cannot be held liable for non-delivery of e-mails to a recipient.

Contracting EPC’s on the platform

PQRS aims to provide a platform that reflects certain parameters by which candidates and organisations can be measured through the use of what is deemed to be a transparent, predictable and fair mechanism developed by PQRS.
PQRS has no control over any services offered and work conducted by contractors that have signed in to the PQRS platform and all work is conducted outside of the control of PQRS and the quality assurance mechanism.

Refund Policy

Candidates or companies that have paid for courses or services may request a refund within a period or window of 30 days since payment, in the event where it was not possible for them to make use of the services. It is under the solar discretion of PQRS to issue refunds outside of this period.

PQRS has the right to exchange the refund for vouchers of the same value offering different products or services.