Who’s who for solar PV at Eskom(South Africa)

Eskom Grid areas for Solar PV

Who to contact at Eskom with regards to grid tied solar PV systems.

Quite regularly during training sessions, contractors and engineers would enquire about the contact details and procedures to follow when applying to have a solar PV system connected to the grid.

With more than 270 municipalities and only a handful of them actually having developed and defined a process specifically for solar PV grid tied connections it could become a tedious task finding the right contact at the right municipality, or; even finding the right contact at Eskom (having more than 40000 employees to choose from)

The good news is that Eskom has a grid division catering specifically for the connection and enquiries related to additions and or alterations that could affect the grid.

This post is supposed to provide some level of direction and guidance by providing the contact details of the people responsible for the respective areas catering for  enquiries and applications that service those areas.

It may or may not be Eskom that is responsible for processing the application or fielding the enquiry. In some cases the municipality would be the responsible party in which case the contact details included in the link may not be exactly the right person to contact. However; it could provide a point of departure as the contact persons included in the link may be able to guide organisations interested in applying for a grid connection to the right contact in a specific municipality or region.



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