Electrical Installation Regulations Amendment / Changes Meeting

The industry supported initiative was conceptualized and organised by AREP and the following organisations participated in the event: AREP, ECA, ECB, City of Ekhuruleni, DEL, SAPVIA, CPUT, AIA, EE

1.    Motivation and outcome for the event

  • This online event was held to gain clarity on whether the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) allowed Single Phase Testers to issue C.o.C’s on solar PV installations and for the industry to develop a way forward on dealing with the quality of electrical installations in South Africa.
  • The outcome of the meeting was to allow industry an opportunity to understand the DEL’s point of view and create a forum where the Electrical Installation Regulations could be amended to align industry with the regulation and vice versa

2.    Proposed Example Changes to Relevant Documentation

  1. SANS10142-1 Annex M
    1. Remove or amend Annex M (the Annex relates to regulatory matters)
    1. EIR – Electrical Installation Regulations (2009)
      1. Existing wording: Section 6.2 Any person who does electrical installation work as an electrical contractor shall register annually in the form of Annexure 3 with the chief
        inspector or a person appointed by the chief inspector.
      1. Proposed wording: Section 6.2 Any person who does electrical installation work as an electrical contractor shall register with the DEL in the form of Annexure 3 with the chief inspector or a person appointed by the chief inspector and renew such registration once it has expired and the person still does electrical installation work.
    1. Registration criteria – Guidelines for the registration criteria for registered persons
      1. Additional Scopes are suggested:
        1. Existing Types of Registered Persons
          1. Item 1.3 is creating conflict in industry – Single Phase Tester
          1. Installation Electrician
          1. Master Installation Electrician
        1. Proposed Types of registered Persons
          1. RPL Electrician (Non-trade-tested electrician)
          1. Single Phase tester (Trade tested Electrician)
          1. Installation Electrician
          1. Master Installation Electrician

3.    Recorded Video of the online Meeting

Currently the video is on a neutral platform, can be downloaded, and embedded on the respective websites of participating organisations and stakeholders. Each organisation is welcome to download the video from the following link and upload to your own website and social media pages.

VIMEO: Can be downloaded and watched from this link:

Can also be watched on YOUTUBE:

Defining moments in the meeting

  1. 02:00 Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) providing a Legal perspective on Annex M
  2. 01:11:34 DEL acknowledging that the Electrical Installation Regulations (EIR) need to be amended
  3. 01:37:31 DEL committing to consider proposed changes from industry

Chapters in the video

  1. 00:00                         Carel Ballack (AREP)
  2. 02:00                         Pieter Laubser (DEL)
  3. 06:16                         Tony McDonald (ECB)
  4. 08:51                         Melville Healing (CPUT)
  5. 11:37                         Anthony Schewitz (ECA)
  6. 15:41                         Tony McDonald (ECB)
  7. 16:46                         Mark Mfikoe (ECA)
  8. 20:25                         Anthony Schewitz (ECA)
  9. 21:45                         Mark Mfikoe (ECA)
  10. 33:19                         Melville Healing (CPUT)
  11. 35:50                         Anthony Schewitz (ECA)
  12. 54:55                         Leon Roos (AIA)
  13. 57:12                         Melville Healing (CPUT)
  14. 59:02                         Tony McDonald (ECB)
  15. 01:00:05                  Leon Roos (AIA)
  16. 01:01:33                  Koos Coetzee (AIA)
  17. 01:03:10                  Anthony Schewitz (ECA)
  18. 01:11:34                   Pieter Laubser (DEL)
  19. 01:15:36                  Tony McDonald (ECB)
  20. 01:19:38                  Mark Mfikoe (ECA)
  21. 01:23:56                  Trevor Tappan (ECA & AREP)
  22. 01:26:08                  Rethabile Melamu (SAPVIA)
  23. 01:28:13                  Jacob Malatse (DEL)
  24. 01:33:28                  De Villiers Botha (SAPVIA)
  25. 01:35:17                  Melville Healing (CPUT)
  26. 01:36:24                  Pieter Laubser (DEL)
  27. 01:37:31                  Mark Mfikoe (ECA), Carel Ballack (AREP), Jacob Malatse (DEL)

4.    Next online meeting and industry engagement

Stakeholder engagement sessions will be arranged to get feedback from industry on proposed changes to the electrical installation regulations at the next Zoom Webinar. Interested parties are welcome to join the discussion by registering at any of the following links:

Next meeting dates to be circulated through Member newsletters and directly to candidates that have attended or participated in previous sessions.